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All of our locksmiths at Covington Locksmith Security are remarkably adept and constantly trained to the highest degree. We are an insured company and there is no worry regarding fraud. All of our Covington locksmiths have been screened and worked with us for many years, so you can be sure of a reputable service. Security and locks is a serious business especially when it concerns to your home. At Covington Locksmith Security, we know the emotional and monetary value of your residence and strive to meet you. Our Covington locksmiths try to be as unobtrusive as possible and we will work around your schedules. Call us day or night - (859) 340-5127.

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Keeping our family and house protected, is always a matter of worry.

At Covington Locksmith Security we give you locksmith and security solutions to ensure your family and loved ones are protected against the menace of burglary.

One of the most alarming and dangerous crimes that can threaten a family is forced entry at home. An intruder may enter your apartment to commit many types of crimes, putting your family at risk and invading your private space.

Whether you live alone or have a family, coming home to a ransacked house is a very unpleasant experience. Home invasion robbery is a common, everyday occurrence and is on the rise.

There are some easy steps that can be taken to ensure that you won’t be a victim of forced entry: you should ensure you install a night light, have an automatic night light, and add a security system.

To make sure your house is guarded against home invasion robbery, we at Covington Locksmith Security will deliver you the best advice on the right solution for you including installing deadbolt locks, garage locks, deadbolt locks, and electronic locks.

When you have a lockout or need a residential locksmith service such as reinstalling high security locks in case of lockout, Covington Locksmith Security has locks and safety products from top brands, such as Millennium Lock, Anaconda, Ultra, Ultra, and E-Z Set Locks as well as from almost any other manufacture in the US.

Building safety is an vital matter, and at Covington Locksmith Security we are dedicated in providing you with a range of services for any type of house. We offer fitting keys along with many more locksmith services. Covington Locksmith Security upgrades any type of locks from electronic to dummy door locks. We give you with the highest quality choice of brand named pad locks such as Lock Jaw and Ultra deadbolt locks, just to mention a few.